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Help clicking a link

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im having some problems clicking on a link on a website, here is the info debugbar gave me

<A onclick="java script:gowelcome();return false;" href="java script:void(0)">click here</A>

Ive tried just doing a clicklinkbytext but of course that didnt work, then i tried _IEAction with no success

$oDiv = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "continue")
    _IEAction($oDiv, "click")

here is the complete source for the link

<div id="continue">If an error prevents a component from loading properly, you can <a href="java script:void(0)" onclick="java script:gowelcome();return false;">click here</a> to continue. Not all functionality may be available.         </div></font></td></tr>

any ideas would be great

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