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GetPixelColor does not work!

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Hey People,

i have a problem and searched long time without any result.

so i using the UDF GetPixelColor to capture a bmp into the memory, that works nice but, pixelgetcolor return always 000000, except the first retun, here i get a hex color value....

i dont understand this, a friend tested it, and he get all color values, do i tried somthing to update my gdi32.dll without success :)

I use Windows XP Home Edition SP2 ...

$hDll = DllOpen("gdi32.dll")
        $vDC = _PixelGetColor_CreateDC()
        $vRegion = _PixelGetColor_CaptureRegion($vDC,$iLeft,$iTop,$iRight,$iBottom)
        If $DebugMode Then logger("debug", "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~")
        If $DebugMode Then logger("debug", "read bitmap to array")  
    ; === read pixels ===
        If $DebugMode And $iShowFillArray Then logger("debug", "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~")
        For $i = 0 to $iHeight-1 Step 1
            For $j = 0 to $iWidth-1 Step 1
                $sColor = _PixelGetColor_GetPixel($vDC, $j, $i, $hDll)
                If $DebugMode And $iShowFillArray Then logger("debug", $i & "->" & $j & " color: " & $sColor)   
                If $sColor = "FFFFFF" Then
                    $Coords[$i][$j] = True
                    $Coords[$i][$j] = False

remember this script work on the other pc, not on mine...

i get these log entries:

3.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] capture screen rectangle
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] left=917
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] top=39
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] right=962
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] bottom=47
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] read bitmap to array
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] 0->0 color: 080800
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] 0->1 color: 000000
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] 0->2 color: 000000
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] 0->3 color: 000000
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] 0->4 color: 000000
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] 0->5 color: 000000
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] 0->6 color: 000000
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] 0->7 color: 000000
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] 0->8 color: 000000
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] 0->9 color: 000000
23.03.2008 23:04:13 [debug] 0->10 color: 000000

the first value is right... but the next, i dont undestarnd this shit :)( i need help

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now i installed windows xp professional and get the same values... i dont know why...

a new theorie is, that the gdi32.dll is installed by the graphic drivers. i dont know any else know somethin about that? iam usin Nvidia Gerforce 4600 ti i know this is older but is that the reason why i cant use getpixel from the gdi32.dll?? oks help

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