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Non standard App Install

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I am trying to automate an app install. This includes clicking the Next button and hitting radio buttons as you would expect. However, there are no typical WINDOWS underscore letters to Send and the installer windows offer no visible or hidden text. In short this application install needs to be attended as it is poorly written in comparison. Can autoit grab a next button even when its not identified? -- if so can someone post an example. I have been floundering for some time now testing Mouseclick ControlClick using co-ords and other methods but all I am getting is a systray icon telling me the script has paused. I hope to create an exe version if this can be sorted.

Thanks in advance :)

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The controlclick function sends a mouseclick to a specific button.. you don't need to know its x y coordinates. Take a look at the helpfile for automated winzip install (either winzip or winrar cant' remember) as thats pretty close to what you are looking for.

Welcome to the forum, let us know if you need more help

While ProcessExists('Andrews bad day.exe')
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