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Looking for advice on where to learn more

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So I have been using AutoIT for several months now, and have constructed several basic scripts to either deploy software or control various funky apps we use that need "extra attention". I got the MsgBox and basic loops and For statements pretty down pat, and I make good use of any and all controls.

However, I feel like when I try to make these scripts, that I often spend more time on trial and error than I would like to.

The tutorial AutoIT 123 was a great start and came in very handy for my first gui (Thanks), but when it comes to things like Conditional and Loop statements, and other more advanced things like Arrays, there is a big gap between the help files and my comprehension.

I cannot seem to find any other instruction in the tutorials or the forums, and so, where else can I look for basic information on this stuff? Should I be looking at docs and tutorials on Basic? Perl? BASH?



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Well almost any programming tutorial will come in handy.

I only new basic c++ when starting with autoit, but as long as you get the basics you will do great :)

Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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Any starting programming guide for Visual Basic or C will help you.

There are dozens of teaching tutorials on the internet

My suggestion would be to have a basic course in programming to understand the basis constructs.

AutoIT expects that you have basic programming knowledge and can make the translation between "standard" constructs like if, then, else, while,

The help file is not a tutorial for programming

If you think an array is advanced stuff in programming I think you definitely first have to study more before using AutoIt in a more advanced way.

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