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Help with My Script Please

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Hi there. Well i have been using Autoit For quite a while, and i love it so far beacuse its a powerful small program, and a Great Community. Anyways umm I decided to test out Aim bot.

Here are my Main goals:

When a hotkey is pressed the mouse Searchs for the colors specified and either clicks it or just follow it. Here are two codes i tried so far with not good results.

; Find a pure red pixel or a red pixel within 10 shades variations of pure red

$coord = PixelSearch( 0, 0, @DesktopWidth, @DesktopHeight, 0xFF0000, 10 )

If Not @error Then


MsgBox(0, "X and Y are:", $coord[0] & "," & $coord[1])


:problem doesnt Put mouse to player, only enviornment. In other words it doesn't Find the player specified.

Other Code:

HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "_click")

HotKeySet("{END}", "_stop")

Global $Started = False

While 1



Func _Stop()

If $started = true Then

$started = False

ConsoleWrite("Stopped script.")



Func _Click()

Local $search = 0

Local $coord = 0

If $Started = False then ;Let's start the script

$started = true ;toggles the start

While $Started = true

$search = PixelSearch(0, 0, 1018, 736, 16776960, 5)

If not @error Then ; Woohoo, found pixel/color

$Coord = PixelSearch(1, 1, 748, 1024, 0x406acc, 10)

If not @error Then

MouseClick("left", $coord[0], $coord[1], 1, 0) ;this is one click, on the coord[0], coord[1]

; the mouse is moved instantly

ConsoleWrite("Found pixel matching color, X: " & $search[0] & " Y: " & $search[1] & @crlf)






:problem, same as the previous Code.

How do u create a Aimbot?? Can u create a aimbot with a moving target???? The game am trying to aimbot is a mod for half life 2 called Paintball or something. Anyways it imports the player texture from a picture. Both codes above only fail to find the player, even if am like Infront of it. Please Help me out!!

Also is there a way to edit my script so it would search for multiple Pixels. What i mean is that if the color am looking for is not there, the script looks for another color that i specfie

*note*- Texture lighting is in play

:) *If mankind dont put a End to war War will put a end to ManKind* :)

Say no to war!

Pictures of texture:

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