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i'd like to know if it's just me or it's a bug or something...

if i compile my source code using aut2exe, i use /comp 4 /ansi parameters.

however, if i either right click on the au3 file and then select compile, the exe file is basically bigger compared to the result from the method above. same goes when i click on tools > compile or build.

further, when i reopen aut2exe, the option is again on unicode and is not back to ansi.

could anyone comment please? i think the /comp 4 doesn't stay, though i could be wrong.


ps. i'm a newbie to the forums so you will have to forgive me if this has been posted before, though i have been reading the forums for quite some time now.



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The setting used on the commandline do not stay as default values.

I cannot comment on size of the output exe without seeing the files. One comment though: the /compress parameter set the compression for the Fileinstall() included files in the output EXE.


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