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Desktop Wallpaper Tool

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Thought i'd share this with yaz cos I got lots of help when I first started using AutoIt3 (about 2 weeks ago!)

What it does

Basically this script puts an icon in yer sys tray, which allows you to choose from a selection of desktop backgrounds in a specific folder. You can manually choose which background you want, or you can put it into a random, forward or reverse rotation. You can also choose a blank colour. Additionally, there is a System Info option which shows you some system stuff about the PC. I developed this tool for use in my workplace, so that users were given only a set number of corporate backgrounds, and so that our support staff could get their IP / machine details quickly from the desktop.

How to get it going

Just create a folder somewhere on your PC and put a bunch of JPG files in there (they MUST be JPGs!). Then edit the script and change the path where it says "EDIT ME" to reflect where you put your JPG files. You can leave the rest of the settings - they should work fine. Then go run the script. The background will be automatically updated with the first image in the set when you run for the first time and the tray menu will be dynamically updated with the list of backgrounds. Because i'm using the profile directory to store the settings and desktop picture for each user, all users can retain their own settings. Its up to you if you want to do this or not. I should also mention that i've only tested this under Win XP - but expect it'll work in 2K also.

JTs Final Thoughts

I know this isn't perfectly written - but it does the job its meant to.

Please feel free to leave comments about it and use it if you like.



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