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Guest progamer

Help newbie Pls

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Guest progamer

I don't know im stupid or because im new to this. I had tried reading the instruction page but i don't know what they talking about. So i tried reading the forum to get information about this. But i seen alot of code on the forum. And i don't know how these code work.=(

So can pls someone teach me how to use it and teach me about how the code work. PLZ!!!

If u want teach me through msn messenger please add me or u post ur email on this topic then i add u. Thx.

My email: zang12000@msn.com (Today i will be online around 11. Singapore time GMT+8.)

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Go into the helpfile and click the "index" tab, scroll through and find some functions you like and check their example and text.

Atleast thats how I learned...

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I would recommend that you do what killaz said.

When you found a intresting function, copy the example (always examples, Thanks) to a emtpy text document.

Save the document as Name.au3

Then you double click on Name.au3, and you will see the function run.

After a while you will be able to start add more functions in the same text file, and also different combinations, and "rules" how they will run.

When you got that far, you are free to post your project script in the forum and ask for help. But of course after you took an extra look into the help file :idiot:

Sidenote, don't look into GUI yet, first learn the basics, otherwise it will be to complicated, and you will get tired of AutoIt.

This is taken directly from the help file, do what i said above with the text below, and you have made your first script.

MsgBox(4096, "Hurray", "This is my first script", 10)

Were ever i lay my script is my home...

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