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Problem with titles and ControlSend

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I'm trying to use ControlSend to send key strokes to a program called EverQuest. I'm trying the following, but it doesn't work.

ControlSend("EverQuest", "", "", "{1 DOWN}")

I want to use something that works even if EverQuest is not the active window.

AutoIt Window Info doesn't give me any information about any "control", ID field etc is blank.

The whole thing:

HotKeySet("{F9}", "go")
HotKeySet("{F10}", "stop")

Func go()
    Global $Show = 0

    While 1
        ControlSend("EverQuest", "", "", "{1 DOWN}")
        ControlSend("EverQuest", "", "", "{1 UP}")

        If $Show > 0 Then ExitLoop


Func stop()
    Global $Show = 1


While 1

Maybe it's not so good to use ControlSend when I don't have any control to send to, but I've seen it work in another script I downloaded. But I can't figure out why this doesn't work :)

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