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i am making a resource filemaker

goal is to get smaller .exe files and protection of released addon files

the resource filemaker writes a encrypted header containing info of all files inside the resource file

and writes all added files in bytes in one big file

it loads (.MOD .XM .IT .S3M .MID .RMI .SGT .FSB)

(".MP3 .WAV .OGG .MP2 .RAW")

(".bmp .jpg .gif .png .wmf .TXT")

but i got stuck on loading fonts from resource file ! :)

msdn2; http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/m...942(VS.85).aspx

HANDLE AddFontMemResourceEx(

PVOID pbFont, // font resource

DWORD cbFont, // number of bytes in font resource

PVOID pdv, // Reserved. Must be 0.

DWORD *pcFonts // number of fonts installed


gdi AddFontMemResourceEx

$value = DllCall("gdi32.dll","int","AddFontMemResourceEx","int",$Pointer,"int",$ByteSize,"int",0,"int",1)

$value[0] dont gives me a handle back !

i tryed all kinds of return types

whats wrong with the dllcall ?

thanks in advance for any helping !


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