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GDIPlus causes FileSetTime() to fail.

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Hi All,

Some time ago I wrote myself a little wallpaper changer program, using 'topng' to do the imgae conversion from JPG to BMP.

I saw a post today using the new GDIPlus routines to do this conversion:

Func _Convert2BMP ($inputfile, $outputfile)
    $imh = _GDIPlus_ImageLoadFromFile($inputfile)
    $clsid = _GDIPlus_EncodersGetCLSID("BMP")
    _GDIPlus_ImageSaveToFileEx($imh, $outputfile, $clsid)

This bit of code failes on the FileSetTime() function:


If I comment out the _Convert2BMP line, and uncomment the topng line, it works as expected.

I tried updating to the latest beta, but it still does it.

Any ideas?

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Anyone have any ideas?

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