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I am trying to create a program for doing direct integration of hotfixes into a Microsoft Office disk. To do this I have been using info in a very old thread at msfn.org. I have been able to use all of this info and start creating a simple tool to do this process. But there is a sort2cabs.js file that I would like to convert into autoit. I have tried myself... but I am not able to really figure out js. So I was hoping sombody could help me. :)

Here is the thread at msfn.org:


I have attached the sort2cabs.js

I am really desperate for some help on this. :party:

I figured this would be the best place to ask for some help. :lmao:


Siginet of SiginetSoftware.com

If anyone is interested in helping out with this project just pm me and I'll talk to you about helping develope for it. :)

I have coded some pretty popular programs in the past called "Windows XP PowerPacker", "RyanVM Integrator", "DriverGrabber" and "Siginet's Office Integrator". All coded in autoit.


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