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Hi ! This is my first post here and it's with a problem i have with my audio driver. I m using autoit to start "Setup.exe" but it gives me an error like it s incompatible with the device but if i double click "Setup.exe" it works. I ve tried with a .bat but the same result. Can anyone tell me how to do this in autoit ? What are this mfc applications and why they have this problem with external execution ? Thx in advance. Glad to be on this forum !

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:) Welcome to the 4rum

if you can manually open it, so let's the autoIT manually open it too


it woul be change with the diffrent screen solution

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Since no code is shown of the attempts with the Bat or AutoIt script so where the scripts started in the same working directory as Setup.exe? I could possibly only imagine a working directory issue unless Setup.exe is bugged.


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The thing is that the path is correct (exe starts)...

That does not answer my question to the working directory. My concern for the working directory is that Setup.exe is possibly looking for files in it's own working directory and if it does not find them, then it may show an odd error.

Example, you may need to pass the working directory (2nd parameter)

RunWait(@ScriptDir & '\folder\setup.exe', @ScriptDir & '\folder')
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Sure, I will try.

When you double click a file to run it, it inherits the working directory where the file resides. So it can see files in it's own directory. So if the setup.exe looks for config.ini without specifying a path, then it does see it in it's working directory.

So if you ran this

Run(@ScriptDir & '\CMedia9738\setup.exe')

then setup.exe was probably looking for a file in the working directory which may have been @ScriptDir (or inherited working directory from CMD Prompt...) instead of @ScriptDir & '\CMedia9738' where it expected it. The setup file is using relative addressing to access the files within it's working directory.

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