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How I obtained the number of file and the list of them before discovering _FileListToArray

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I'm a very newbie of AutoIt.

Trying to build a simple script, I encountered the problem of obtaining the number of files in some path and the list of them.

At that time, I did not know the existence of _FileListToArray.

So, here is how I solved my problem:

1) runwait to execute "dir /b [path and criteria] >somefile.txt"

2) openfile to open somefile.txt

3) fileread to read in binary mode the full content of such file

4) stringsplit using delimiter @crlf to result an array with the number of files and their names.

Indeed, in my problem I always work with a short list of files, so I am not worried about performance, but after discovering _FileListToArray I wish to know what do you think about this solution. I'm just curious.


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