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Shutdown after some decided idle time


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search on the forum, there're many similar topic...

i've thought about it before, check if the mouse has't been move and the keys hasn't been pressed

a useful link : http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...=idle&st=15

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if you are a network administrator, i'd highly recommend against this unless you have better reasons but one of the problems i've had as a network administrator at EVERY network/enterprise I've worked with is that with automating updates, you typically do it on off-peak hours in which case, you need the machines to be on at all times.

but if you really want to do this, do it through the Task Scheduler using some variant of:

AT 03:00 /EVERY:Saturday CMD "SHUTDOWN.EXE -r -f -t 01"

..as your command line. this would reboot the machine it was running on every saturday at 0300.

when i've coupled this with an actual script (i used KiX at the time, but you can certainly use AutoIT), I used scripting to query a special security group i set up in AD for user accounts that should be excluded from this setting.

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