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Pass variable to another script ?


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I have done only simples scripts with AutoIt.

I was wondering if I can pass a variable to another AutoIt script that I run using the Run function.

Is there another way to calling another AutoIt script from a running script?

Thank you

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Look up Command Line Parameters in your help file. eg:

msgbox(1,"",$CmdLine[1])oÝ÷ Ø*&¦)^¶­jË^²×±zØ^)íëçè׫r·µæ§¢Ø^®Ç+ZºÚ"µÍ[ ][ÝÝÝ^H^TÜÙYXXI][ÝÊ

Run that, and you should see the message box with the "MyPassedVariable" you passed in.

Other things you can try are using temp files or SendMessage. I don't have it anymore, but I used to have a script that would display text on the screen that it got from another script, and the other script used SendMessage to pass the strings. That way the first script could be running all the time, get messages containing the string and display them, without having to restart everytime to get the new command line arguments, or fish them out of a file.

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