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scripting/compiler directive

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Can I put code in thats syntax checked only if its the right version. More or less some kind of a scripting/compiler directive

; Needs latest beta v3.2.11.5 (beta) for optimal results

if @AutoItVersion = "" Then

$iPos = StringInStr($BMP1Data, $searchFor, 2, 1, $iPos+1)


$iPos = StringInStr($BMP1Data, $searchFor)

end if

AU3Check gives now errors where I would like to see warnings or nothing at all when I do not run this in version (I can offcourse press the button continue anyway but is there another way)

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I would change the flag within Au3Check.dat for the earlier version of AutoIt.

1. Go to your AutoIt3 folder and open Au3Check.dat with a text editor.

2. Search for the line below.

!StringInStr 2 4

3. Change the line as below.

!StringInStr 2 6

4. Save the file and Au3Check should not complain anymore hopefully.

If you do the above, then make sure you do not use more then 4 parameters for StringInStr() in any of your or earlier scripts without conditional version check because Au3Check will no longer warn you of your mistake (but AutoIt may when you run it).


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