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if you go to dos and call your script :

AutoIt3.exe myscript.au3 "THIS IS FUN"

of course your script called myscript.au3 should be the following:


If $CmdLine[0] = 0 Then

MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to find stuff on command line")



MsgBox(0, "from command prompt", $CmdLine[1])

;end of myscript.au3

; I am only taking the first parameter on this command line

you probably wont use it unless you call your scripts from batch files or DOS :idiot:

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Next question, I tried doing ControlGetPos and it returned a value that wasn't an array. It just returned 1. It's possible that the X coordinate was 1, but it wasn't the @error. It was the return value.

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Here's an example.

NOTE: You need Au3check in the same folder if you want to run this script.

$Times = 1
If NOT $CmdLine[0] Then
   $Filename = FileOpenDialog("Choose an Au3 script", @ScriptDir, "Au3 Scripts (*.au3)", 1)
   If @error Then Exit
ElseIf $CmdLine[0] = 1 Then
   $Filename = $CmdLine[1]
   For $i = 1 To $CmdLine[0]
      $Filename = $CmdLine[$i]

Func CheckFile()
   If StringInStr($Filename, " ") Then $Filename = '"' & $Filename & '"'
   RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c ' & @ScriptDir & '\Au3Check.exe -q ' & $Filename & ' > %TEMP%\Output.tmp', @SystemDir, @SW_HIDE)
   If NOT FileExists(@TempDir & "\Output.bat") Then WriteBat()
   RunWait(@TempDir & "\Output.bat " & $Filename, @SystemDir)

Func WriteBat()
   Local $BatFile
   Local $OpenedFile
   $BatFile = @TempDir & "\Output.bat"
   $OpenedFile = FileOpen($BatFile, 2)
      FileWriteLine($OpenedFile, '@ECHO OFF')
      FileWriteLine($OpenedFile, 'TITLE Au3Check Wrapper')
      FileWriteLine($OpenedFile, 'FIND /C %TEMP%\Output.tmp "error" > NUL')
      FileWriteLine($OpenedFile, 'ECHO Filename: %1')
      FileWriteLine($OpenedFile, 'ECHO --------------------------')
      FileWriteLine($OpenedFile, 'ECHO.')
      FileWriteLine($OpenedFile, 'IF %ERRORLEVEL%==0 (TYPE %TEMP%\output.tmp) ELSE (ECHO No errors found!)')
      FileWriteLine($OpenedFile, 'PAUSE > NUL')
      FileWriteLine($OpenedFile, 'EXIT')
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