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excel extraction

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Hi there,

i am quite new to Autoit and was wondering if someone can give me pointers for extracting info from an excel spreadsheet and inserting into a user writable fields in a web page. Any advice would be helpful


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For the excel reading, check out the Excel UDF... its very good.

For any web stuff, use the IE.au3 functions that come with autoit; check the help file.

Welcome to the forum!

While ProcessExists('Andrews bad day.exe')
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Ok rajb, here it is. The script is VERY quick and dirty but may get you started. You will need to get the Excel UDF for this to work. Also you will need to alter the paths to reflect the location of your files ect.

My script first generates a list of Excel files and then opens them one by one copying a specific range of cells to an array. When it has done this it returns the results to another worksheet. Hope you find it usefull. (Oh also the CSV2DCreator came from the forum but I can't remember who's it was)




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