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Running sysprep at end of AutoIT script

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Hi again everyone,

Sorry if this is on the verge of being of topic but I believe it has some relevance and you guys will know what i'm trying to do better than any other forum (providing you know about sysprep).

Basically I have an autoIT script that auto installs my software. After the software is installed I am proceeding to installing drivers. This is where I get stuck, I have done some research and believe sysprep is the way forward.

I believe if I can use sysprep then in my AutoIT script I can copy the relevant drivers to windows\drivers dir or something like that and then import the DevicePath.reg file with the location of the driver files.

The only problem I have is I really don't know much about sysprep. Does anyone know any way I can go aboutt his as i'm struggling to find info on the net. Any replys are much appreciated.

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