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Detect new window

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Hey guys,

I'm using a scripts that opens an x amount of windows.

I want the script to halt until the new window is opened and identified by the script.

Right now I'm using the following code:


         ;now I want the script to wait until a new window is opened (with a 3 second timeout)
Local $old = WinList("WindowCommonString", "")
Local $new = ""
Local $timer = TimerInit()
     $new = WinList("WindowCommonString", "")
Until $old[0][0] <> $new[0][0] OR TimerDiff($timer) > 3000

         ;detecting timeout
If TimerDiff($timer) > 3000 Then _TimeOutMessage()

         ;now I want to identify the new window
Local $found = 0
Local $NewWindow = ""
For $a = 1 to $new[0][0]
     For $b = 1 to $old[0][0]
          If $new[$a][0] = $old[$b][0] Then $found = $found + 1
     If $found = 0 Then 
          $NewWindow = $new[$a][0]
          $a = $old[0][0];To exit the For..Next loop

This works, but I was wondering if there is an easier way to get the name of the new window.

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Looks similar to something I wrote to detect any new processes:



Should be easy to modify.

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