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Hi, I just joined this forum I have been using this program AutoIt for the very first time, I am using v3.

I have a very easy question, I am looking to add a image to my GUI box.

I tried "GUICtrlCreatePic("C:/spider.jpg", 200, 2, 120, 58)" it works but once I delete the image from my C: and run the .exe file the image is done.

So how do I embed the image into the .exe file

and also same thing about audio how do I embed audio into my exe file

Hope you understand what I am saying as this is my first time using the program and I love it :)

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Put this at the top of your script:

FileInstall("C:\spider.jpg", @TempDir & "\Spider.jpg")

Then Use This:

GUICtrlCreatePic(@TEMPDIR &"\spider.jpg", 200, 2, 120, 58)

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