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May be not AutoIT question...

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One of my youngest sons' Ultimate team members asked if it's possible to read data off a window written by a third party program?

I go back far enough that I used to do exactly that on DOS machines - you know, ol' 80x25 text-based stuff - easy enough to read that video memory and retrieve for example the chars on line 13 from col 20 to col 28... or whatever... but Windows? I dunno... Do you?

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Nobody needs a job. Not much, anyway. Before you need a job, there's a lot of other stuff you need. More or less in order of how badly you need them: AIR, WATER, FOOD, SHELTER, CLOTHING, COMPANIONSHIP, and ACTIVITY. You've been led to believe you need money to "pay" someone else to provide those for you - all but AIR, so far. How long is it going to be before you have to "pay" for AIR, too?

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