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can i make multiple layers on a layered window?

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hi guys, i am making a Character creator for a certain game making utility.

which is cool, and not that hard...

Untill some users began asking if i could make it so that the clothes and stuff we use for the character

to put on the image as a overlay, could be interchangable.

Some explanation, i have the parent layer, which is a semi naked figure of a game character.

and by clicking certain catagories and sub selections in that, the user can put hair, clothes, and other stuff on it to create a

custom character.

Now i just take a image, put a transparent png on it and refresh the window to show the change.

Bla bla bla, thats a storie huh? :)

well, i want to know if i can put multiple layers on that window, and change layer by layer, without disturbing the rest of the selections.

And if so, how can i then capture the WHOLE picture in 1 png file?

Posted Image

maybe this helps?

and proud of it!!!
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well, thats the problem man, if i copy a pic on the first pic, it is hard to undo.

which is the problem here, i want the users to have unlimited undo's.

which i can get if i have multiple layers on that window.

one layer for clothes, one for hair and so on.

so if the user choose another hairstyle, it will only switch that layer, and leave the rest intact.

get me?

so this is a start, but how to make multiple of them?

can i include as many childs if i want? and then i can position them on top of each other?

and what if i want to save the resulting composition of pictures?

allready thanx, but some more guidance would be great :)


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and proud of it!!!
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