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Few keystroke questions

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Yes, I know I still use V2 :) Its what Im used to, have yet to sit down and figure out. But anyway...

Im just looking for a few answers for V2. How do I keep a keystroke or mouse click pressed down, like a "hold" function? Would it look something like this?

Sleep, 300
Send, {SPACE UP}

and using a mouse respectively?

MouseDown, {LEFT DOWN}
Sleep, 300
MouseDown, {LEFT UP}

Another question. To type out a full sentence and hit enter. Is this correct?

Send(" Oi! You little bugger!{enter}")

Any my last question, is there a command to generate a random alpha or numeric keystroke? Ex. I run the macro and it types 442bn8d2, and the next time it runs it types 2905dioa9?

Sorry, Im at work currently or I would check, just wanted to get my questions out there before I forgot.

Many thanks :)

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