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Custom Function Headache

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here's the section of code that's causing my headache. The Custom Function in question is the Inelg("400").


If $lock = "15939" Then
   While EndOfLines() = 0
      $test = Inelg("400"); <---- THIS LINE HERE!!!!
      If $test = 1 Then
         $inelg = 1
   If $inelg = 1 Then
      Msgbox(48,"DING","Ineligible code 400 found" & @LF & "Please consult the guidelines", 20)
      MsgBox(0,"A-OK!","No Inelgible 400 found."
      CloseFAF("No Inelgible 400 Found")

; This function is for finding the ineligible reason codes on the GDSV
; The function [B]should[/B] return a 1 if it finds $icode and a 0 if it doesn't
; Format is Inelg("code") Example: Inelg("T42")
Func Inelg($icode)
   GetScreen ($a);
   Local $inel = "NotAvailalble"
   $inel = StringLeft(StringTrimLeft(StringMid(StringStripWS(ClipGet(), 8), StringInStr(StringStripWS(ClipGet(), 8), "INELRSNS:"), 30), 9), 9)
   If StringRight($inel, 3) = $icode Or StringLeft($inel, 3) = $icode Or StringTrimLeft(StringLeft($inel, 6), 3) = $icode Then
      Return 1
      Return 0
EndFunc  ;==>Inelg

GetScreen() returns the screenshot, EndOfLines() works fine, the $inel is a section of the screen that I'm interested in, there will be a 3 character string that will be returned from that variable....

Problem is, Inelg() is returning a 1, even if the $icode isn't in the screen section I'm looking at.

I only want a return of 1 if the pattern contained in $icode is found. :idiot:

Where's the banana peel that I tripped on? :lol::D

What did I do wrong?

Lofting the cyberwinds on teknoleather wings, I am...The Blue Drache

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Ok, vacation happened inbetween the last reply and I've now had a chance to test it.

It works as advertised. It seems the program was getting overworked and needed to sleep. ;) Too many clipget()'s in rapid succession. :idiot: I guess I'm not a good slave driver :D Oh well. Learn and let learn. :lol:

Thanks again Larry.

Edited by Blue_Drache

Lofting the cyberwinds on teknoleather wings, I am...The Blue Drache

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