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Need AutoIt Expert to Keep Track of Multiple Forex Traders

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If this is not the proper place to post this, I apologize. Please point me to the right place to post this if it doesn't belong here.

I'm not an AutoIt expert, but one of the day traders I work with suggested I use it for my project. Part of my job is to keep track of various day traders throughout the day and track their performance to make sure they are not exceeding a specified max loss percentage.

Right now, I got to manually log into different web interfaces for different brokers to check each day trader individually. It's a real pain in the rear.

As a result, I'm looking for someone with experience with AutoIt that can take various inputs and keep track of all these day traders periodically throughout the day - and provide the results in a table or spreadsheet format. Please let me know what the cost of designing this would be. Here are my notes on the project:

Current Situation:

I have to manually log into each account at different brokerage firms to track each day trader's open profit/loss and realized (or closed) profit/loss:

Desired Solution:

* The script takes the following inputs: Trader Names (specified by me), Initial Account Value (specified by me), Closed P&L (Profit/Loss obtained from the brokerage firm's account login), Open P&L (Profit/Loss obtained from the brokerage firm), Max Daily Loss % (specified by me), Period (specified by me)

* And outputs a table with the sum of the Closed P&L and Open P&L for each trader (in dollars and % of corresponding Initial Account Value), Max Daily Loss % for each trader and if the sum of the Closed P&L and Open P&L is negative, the proportion of the sum of the Closed P&L and Open P&L to the Max Daily Loss (in percentage); as well as the sum of the Close P&L and Open P&L for all traders (in dollars and % of sum of Initial Account Values).

* Loops to check every Period and update the results on a spreadsheet/array.

* Ability to add more traders accross different brokerage firms when needed.

* Ability to save the specified inputs.

* Ability to keep data in an array by date and time of each data point (for graphing or using in a spreadsheet).

* If possible, send TXT message if sum of Closed P&L and Open P&L > Given Percentage % of Max Daily Loss % and a periodic message with the sum of all P&L's (in dollars and % of sum of Initial Account Values).

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