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What is AutoItX? :P

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Hello every1!! :D

OK...this is what I think AIX (AutoItX) is...I think it's a version of AutoIt that creates DLL's so that then u can use the DLL in another programming lingo like VB or C#...

Is that correct?? :idiot:

Also...why doesnt AIX have all the functions AI3 has?? :D

Thanx!! :lol:


Btw...can I use a C++ DLL in AI3 with the DllOpen/DllCall/DllClose functions??

Thanx!! ;)

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AutoItX is an application extrension for any COM-supporting (and non-COM) language. When using as a COM object, it appears as a extension of the language, for example in VB you could declare the variable 'AIX' as an AutoItX object then reference its functions through the standard VB 'dot' notation.

Not all of the AutoIt functions are in AutoItX because the bulk of the languages that support it already have this functionality. For example, AutoItX does not contain the File manipulations supported by AutoIt because most COM languages already contain the basic functionality. I believe if you search this forum you will find one of the dev's (I think it was Larry or Jon) talk about this fact. You should probably search anyway because it sounds like you are completly lost here.

As for the question regarding C++... I am not sure as I have yet to actually do it, but if I had to guess then I would say it would.

Hope this helps!



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