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Adding an Image to a game

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I am playing around with Diablo 2 and I was wondering how I would make an image that stays at a certain point in the game, always and does not move as well as not move when I walk around. When I go back to that certain point it will always be there.

Is this even possible with auto it?

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sound like a GUI with a background image, and it's "WinSetOnTop"

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Dude, so many people want to hack or cheat the game Diablo II, i've known people that have been playing that game since it came out. They said it was great at first, until some people started making bots and hacks, so now everyone I know, has gaven up on that game.

And no, this is not possible. Diablo II is a moving Ingame. The only way you could get a picture to stay on the screen, is with hacking, or changing Diablo II's memory. Which will, get you banned. I actually enjoy personally banning people who break the rules. It's just one-click, on one account. (My grandfather works for blizzard, not for Diablo II, WoW, but he has access still to D2)

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