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New to AutoIt

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Hello. I'm new to AutoIt and have an idea on a very simple script I would like to make for playing a game. I would like to make a marco that would just type something into the main chat window upon me hitting buttons 1-9 on the numpad.

However I have no idea on where to start, I've been messing with AutoIt for a few hours now and not getting anything working at all.

Any assistance with a basic script would be great that I could then modify as I learn to use AutoIt to make it a nicer smoother program.

Here is what I would like it to do:

  • Be consistantly paused in the background, until I manually close autoit in the tray.
  • Upon hitting buttons 1-9 on the numpad it would send("{ENTER}my message of choice.{ENTER}").

That is all I would like help learning to create. If I only had that I could live with it and then learn to add additional bells and whistles as I learn AutoIt.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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while 1
if _Ispressed("60") then
send("my first message")
else if _Ispressed("61") then
send("my second message")

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