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LotusScript + Formula Help with AutoIT

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I'm trying to use LotusScript and Formula language with AutoIT using COM

I get errors when I try to invoke a formula using the Evaluate method in the NotesSession class.

My code is as follows

Dim $s = ObjCreate("Notes.NotesSession")
Dim $db = ObjCreate("Notes.NotesDatabase")
Dim $vw = ObjCreate("Notes.NotesView")
Dim $doc = ObjCreate("Notes.NotesDocument")

$db = $s.GetDatabase("myserver/myorg", "testdb.nsf")
$vw = $db.GetView("All Documents")
$doc = $vw.GetFirstDocument()

$fn = $s.Evaluate("@AttachmentNames", $doc)

The error I get is "Error: The requested action with this object has failed."

Has anyone here tried evaulating formulae through LotusScript?

Thanks in advance,

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