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PHPBB News was a project I started working on along time ago. Basically I'm in a gaming clan (its mostly dead now) and a lot of the members believe it or not don't like to have to view a website to get the latest news. Not only that but have the time they never logged into any IM clients so the leaders could never contact them about scrimmages. So I came up with an idea to have a client start up on windows startup, pull news from our phpbb forums and display it to them. Right now it only starts up when you click on the exe and there are no installation files. Because the clan has nearly died out (many of them left for iraq) I'm not going to continue with this and I give it to you all to play with!

I have decided to continue with this project after getting a few pms about it and because I have a friend who would like to use it to its full potential.

There is a client side (exe, ini, bmp, dat) and a server side (php). All you have to do is edit the ini file and run the exe. The client is also skinable.

If you going to host the server end just read the readme.

Posted Image Posted Image

[Change Log]


- Added run on startup function. (Start when windows starts)

- Added settings menu.

- Added new skin.

- Fixed skin .dat files.


- Fixed INI file.

- Fixed server to accept nonstandard Mysql prefixes.


OLD - PHPBBnews.rar ( 293.74K ) Number of downloads: 36

OLD - PHPBBnews.rar ( 293.67K ) Number of downloads: 10


Seperate client and server downloads:

1.0.2 Stable

Client - Filefront

Server - Filefront

1.0.1 Stable

Client - Filefront

Server - Filefront

Don't ask for source cause its not happening and I think most of you are smart enough to figure out how it all works.

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[size="1"]Please stop confusing "how to" with "how do"[/size]

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