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IRC Chat PM's

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I have my IRC Chat program quickly going through, nice multi-color lines, supports images, video, etc, so it's pretty good the way it is. And, i have a routine to handle PM's, however, i'm not quite sure the best possible method to handle them. After all, the way I have it right now, it just prefaces the PM with 'PM @ name' and then message lol, not that...friendly.

I can send it to create tabs, but then i can't get it to poll those tabs if someone wanted to respond in that tab; so that's out of the question, i'd assume.

I would create pop-up's for them, but then, I would have to figure out a way to poll each window for activity, and then respond to each user as necessary.

So, what would be the best way to handle these?

How I handle the PM's

ElseIf StringInStr($sData[$i], "PRIVMSG "&$nick, 0) Then; <-- Checks for PM messages
$data = StringRegExp($sData[$i], "(?i)(?s):(.*?)!(?:.*)PRIVMSG\s(.*?)\s:(.*?)(?:\z)", 1, $noffset)
    If @error = 1 Then
             $color = "red"
             XSkinText("[" & @HOUR & ":" & @MIN & "] " & "<b>PM: " & $data[0] & "</b>" & ": " & $data[2], $color, 3)
             $color = "black"
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-_-------__--_-_-____---_-_--_-__-__-_ ^^€ñ†®øÞÿ ë×阮§ wï†høµ† ƒë@®, wï†høµ† †ïmë, @ñd wï†høµ† @ †ïmïdï†ÿ ƒø® !ïƒë. €×阮 ñø†, bµ† ïñ§†ë@d wï†hïñ, ñ@ÿ, †h®øµghøµ† †hë 맧ëñ§ë øƒ !ïƒë.

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