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Runmenu: click context menu items from the command line

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I wrote a nice big script to open Abbyy FineReader, get the 'open' dialog, type the filename etc. etc... because FineReader didn't come with command line options. Then while re-writing the script I realised there was a context menu item which did a lot of the work my script did. I searched the registry but couldn't find anything I could replicate with AutoIt and when searching Google, I found Runmenu.

It allows me to use any function in the context menu from the command line.

I just replaced 70 lines (inc. blanks and comments) with 2 lines (1 comment!):

; Runmenu is a 3rd party utility to run context menu items from the command line.
run("c:\ssc\runmenu.exe " & chr(34) & "/exec:ABBYY FineReader 9.0\Convert Into Microsoft Word Document" &chr(34) & " " & $pdfFolder & $pdfName)


I hope this helps you guys.

>and a quick q. When stating how many lines of code there are, does one include blanks and comments?

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