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Hey, I saw a website that converts text to string in order to protect your email address... So I tried it with AutoIt and this is what I got:

(I do realize that your font will affect how this works so you may need to adjust some of the values in the screen capture function)


_StringToPic('Hey, my name is Achilles... What a surprise.', @ScriptDir & '\Heya.bmp')

Func _StringToPic($string, $outPutDir)
    $notepadName = 'Untitled - Notepad';Change if your computer isn't in English

    $pid = Run('notepad.exe');, '', @SW_HIDE)

    WinMove($notepadName, '', 0, 0) 
    $clip = ClipGet() 
    Send('{ENTER}^v{SPACE 4}')
    $temp = _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd($outPutDir, WinGetHandle($notepadName), 4, 55, StringLen($string) * 8.5, 77)
I bet there is a better way to do it, but that's one reason why I'm actually posting this.

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You could use gdiplus to drawtext straight onto a bitmap and save it as any image format.

It would eliminate the notepad and send and screencapture.

The trade off would be the code would be a little longer.


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