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I know there been many q/a about this seemingly wonderfull tool AdFunctions.au3

I've been able to get the hang of it ... i thought...

My Problem is :

1.) I was able to create a User :

_ADCreateUser("CN=Users,DC=Domain,DC=Domain2", "UserLogin", "FirstName", "LastName","Discription")

2.) I was able to create a Group :

_ADCreateGroup("CN=Users,DC=Domain,DC=Domain", "GroupName")

so far so good!

Then I tried the the 3rd function!


but I always get an error.

According to the ADFunctions fiel the syntax schould be :


but it won't work...

At first, i searched the Forum an found hundreds of post, with unanswered questions... Is this a ignored AU3 or am getting something defently wrong?!

Since i could seem to find a proper answer with in the forum i went for trying...

I tried :




this wouldn't work either... What am I doing worng? Please i don't get it

Thanks for youre Help in advance!


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