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GUI control resizing...

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how do you make a resizable control inside a GUI window? I've tried $WS_SIZEBOX but it doesnt work. help would be appreciated. thanx!


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You could use Opt("GUIResizeMode", < 1024) and you could use GuiCtrlSetResizing(controlId, resizing)

where resizing is

$GUI_DOCKAUTO 1 resize and reposition according to new window size

$GUI_DOCKLEFT 2 Left side

$GUI_DOCKRIGHT 4 Right side

$GUI_DOCKHCENTER 8 Position will not move relative to horizontal center

$GUI_DOCKTOP 32 Top side

$GUI_DOCKBOTTOM 64 Bottom side

$GUI_DOCKVCENTER 128 Position will not move relative to vertical center

$GUI_DOCKWIDTH 256 Width will not change

$GUI_DOCKHEIGHT 512 Height will not change

$GUI_DOCKSIZE 768 Size will not change (256+512)

$GUI_DOCKMENUBAR 544 512+32 so the control will stay on the top of window with no changing Height

$GUI_DOCKSTATEBAR 576 512+64 so the control stay at the bottom of the window with no changing Height

$GUI_DOCKALL 802 2+32+256+512 so the control will not move during resizing


got it from the help file.

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