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How can I declare a Global Const Array?

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I'm not very good with arrays, but I belive you can use:

Global Const $FileSet["connect.ini", "folder1.ico", "folder2.ico", "folder3.ico"]

If this doesn't work sorry, but im not sure 100% of the syntax for that. :D Hope it helps!

I was hoping it would be something like that, but that gives me the same error that all of my other attempts led to...

Error: Array variable subscript badly formatted.

Thanks much for trying though.

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After a few more tries, I figured it out.

Global Const $FILESET[4]=["connect.ini","folder1.ico","folder2.ico","folder3.ico"]

Make sure the dimension covers the number of values, or more. Oddly enough, it's not 0-based, even though array access is.

Edit: and KentonBomb confirms it - should have reloaded before posting.

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