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Can AutoIT react to output of VB MsgBox

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Hi All,

I was wondering.....

I need to create a Message Box with three custom buttons, so I have to go VB.

Is there some way to have my AutoIT script "DO" certain actions based on the Output of the VB Msg box.


1. AutoIT Script Starts.

2. VB Script is invoked with Custom MsgBox that says Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3

3. How can I have AutoIT Script Detect/read/be passed, that output, aside from outputing to file and reading file?


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Here is an example of a 3 button gui. :idiot:

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
GUICreate("Choose", 350, 100); will create a dialog box that when displayed is centered

$c1 = GUICtrlCreateButton ("Choice 1",  50, 50, 50)
$c2 = GUICtrlCreateButton ( "Choice 2",  150, 50, 50)
$c3 = GUICtrlCreateButton ( "Choice 3",  250, 50, 50)

GUISetState ()    ; will display an  dialog box with 3 button

; Run the GUI until the dialog is closed
While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
      Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
      Case $msg = $c1
         MsgBox(0, '', '1'); Show only
      Case $msg = $c2
         MsgBox(0, '', '2'); Show only
      Case $msg = $c3
         MsgBox(0, '', '3'); Show only
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