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Dealing With Multi-language Apps

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I have some scripts that integrate with TextPad, and I want to make them work on

international editions of TextPad. (I need to execute different WinMenuSelectItem's depending on the language.)

@OSLang is helpful, but languages like English and Spanish have a lot of @OSLang variants.....

I'm thinking that something like this could be added to the user-function library (watch out for word-wrap)

MsgBox(0, "Your OS Language:", _Language())

Func _Language()
   Case StringInStr("0413,0813", @OSLang)
      Return "Dutch"
   Case StringInStr("0409,0809,0c09,1009,1409,1809,1c09,2009,2409,2809,2c09,3009,3409", @OSLang)
      Return "English"
   Case StringInStr("040c,080c,0c0c,100c,140c,180c", @OSLang)
      Return "French"
   Case StringInStr("0407,0807,0c07,1007,1407", @OSLang)
      Return "German"
   Case StringInStr("0410,0810", @OSLang)
      Return "Italian"
   Case StringInStr("0414,0814", @OSLang)
      Return "Norwegian"
   Case StringInStr("0415", @OSLang)
      Return "Polish"
   Case StringInStr("0416,0816", @OSLang)
      Return "Portuguese"
   Case StringInStr("040a,080a,0c0a,100a,140a,180a,1c0a,200a,240a,280a,2c0a,300a,340a,380a,3c0a,400a,440a,480a,4c0a,5

00a", @OSLang)
      Return "Spanish"
   Case StringInStr("041d,081d", @OSLang)
      Return "Swedish"
   Case Else
      Return "Other";can determine with @OSLang directly

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