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A weird Problem

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Guest charlie

; Prompt the user to run the script - use a Yes/No prompt (4 - see help file)
$answer = MsgBox(4, "outpost","This will log into helbreath")

If $answer = 7 Then
    MsgBox(0, "AutoIt", "OK.  Bye!")

WinActivate("Helbreath Crusade") 

Send("Starting Helbreath Bot v0.1 By Outpost{ENTER}")

While 1 
 $time = 6
 $start = TimerInit() 
 $dif = TimerDiff($start) 
 While 1 
   If $time = 6 Then 
     $coord = PixelSearch (340, 205, 370, 230, 0xFFFFFF, 30, 1) 
     $coord = PixelSearch (5, 300, 1024, 560, 0xA6ABAF, 55, 3) 

; 5, 300 - 1024, 560 can be changed if you want to search a wider area. 
; Not recommended though since you can just adjust your view to fit all 
; the water in that space. The bigger the area, the less likely it is to 
; detect it. 
; If the splash isn't getting detected then change the hex colour to 
; something a bit closer. Top one is day, bottom is night. 

   If UBound($coord)>1 Then 
     Send("Found the color!{ENTER}")
     MouseClick("left", 360, 230)
     MouseClick("right", 360, 230)
     Send("Cant find the color!{ENTER}")

; Finished!

I made this and my problem is it detects the pixel no trouble at all but when it goes to click the mouse down the mouse moves into a corner and not at the cords the window is fullscreen and is about 640x800 pixels thanks for your time ciao

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i looked at your code.. it seems a little weird.. but that schouldnt be the problem..

so you are clickling at coord: 360,230 hm .. i think the problem could be that you need the relativ coordinates, so it clicks, relativ to the windows.

you set this with:

AutoItSetOption("MouseCoordMode",0) ..

hope i could help..


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