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FileWrite, Filename with Date/Time

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Hello Mates

is it possible to change the filename the the date and time?

Dim $filename = "dd_mm_yy-hh-mm-ss.txt";change the name to 14_04_08-12_35_56.txt when its saved)
Dim $write = $NetComm.InputData 
Dim $filehandle = FileOpen($filename, 1)
FileWrite($filehandle, $write)


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Probably something like this :

FileMove("dd_mm_yy-hh-mm-ss.txt",@MDAY & "_" & @MON & "_" & @YEAR & "-" & @HOUR & "_" & @MIN & "_" & @SEC & ".txt")
;do not forget to put the directory path too
;for ex.

FileMove("C:\dir\dd_mm_yy-hh-mm-ss.txt","C:\dir\" & @MDAY & "_" & @MON & "_" & @YEAR & "-" & @HOUR & "_" & @MIN & "_" & @SEC & ".txt")

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