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Using sKiTE editor amd i press some button and all the fonts got smaller

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Hey i was writing using sKiTE editor and i pressed some button and all the fonts on the editior got smaller

how do i change them back ?


In SciTE: Ctrl + [this is keypad +] -> makes Font larger

Ctrl - [this is keypad -] ->makes Font smaller

RW Baker

RW Baker

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First of all, it's SciTE

Second, browsing the SciTE help website I saw this: SciTE/AutoIt3 - Editor Font/Colors

So try to click that on the site.

It says "press Ctrl+1 within SciTE".

Try that but it didn't work for me in Vista :D

Ow, I just found out that it DOES work, but in version SciTE 1.75. I still had 1.71.

Check the AutoIt website for updates! :D

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