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Christmas Countdown!

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Okay, firstly and highest priority:

WinKey + w to 'Exit'

WinKey + q to 'Uninstall'

This is a .exe, it makes a christmas countdown. Please note, this .exe is self-install and uninstall(after christmas). Don't worry about the program disapearing, it just copied then deleted itself.

The decompile password is available to those that I would feel wouldn't use the self-install and uninstall for harm. (I fear for autoit being used as a virus by those immature)

So many views but soo little downloads/posts?

Please post your opinions!

Edited by Wolvereness

Offering any help to anyone (to my capabilities of course)Want to say thanks? Click here! [quote name='Albert Einstein']Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.[/quote][quote name='Wolvereness' date='7:35PM Central, Jan 11, 2005']I'm NEVER wrong, I call it something else[/quote]

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