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Scripting for Java and Flash based games

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I work in a game studio that develops games in lots of different engines and APIs (Direct3D, OpenGL, Torque, Java, Flash, uhmm...).

Anyways, is it possible to use hooks exposed by the game developers? I'm not sure what hooks are (is it the DLL stuff?) but one of the developers in my group was talking about exposing some hooks for our next Java web game for testing and I was wondering if AutoIt3 was able to handle that.

Do Java games even use DLLs?

I'm guessing I'll need to learn how to program in Java (or Javascript?) to do this, but the only language I know so far is AutoIt3.

So far I've just been doing PixelSearch, PixelChecksum, PixelSearch, MouseClick, etc to interface with the games and haven't really directly been working with the controls in the games. I always assumed they were all custom controls or something that could not be manipulated with AutoIt3.

Yay for AutoIt3~ :D

Anyways, so far I've made the following scripts. I'm actually now full time scripting (feels like "programming" now, is there a difference?) instead of my position as a Game Tester due to AutoIt3.

  • Dxdiag parsing scripts (MySQL database)
  • Microsoft SQL querying tool
  • Banner ad performance tracking
  • Process tracker (memory, CPU, thread tracking)
  • Time machine (a quick date/time increment/decrement script)
  • HTML report maker
  • Lots of game stressing scripts (automation for games)

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