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Howto Auoit Java 6.0.x Control Panel (java -viewer) actions?

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For the testing setup of a new ERP system's client (java based) I want to automate some actions for the rollout using autoit3.

Unfortunately "inside" the Java Control Panel and Java Cache Viewer Autoit seems to "see" nothing :D

Otherwise it would be too easy... :D

The steps needed are these:

1.) distribute JRE6.0.4 (done. MSI + custom MST)

2.) change settings in the Java Control Panel:

Tab "Java", "Runtime Settings for Java Applications", "show": Only 1.6.0_04 should be checked.

Using filemon and regmon I figured out that this seems NOT to be stored in REG, but only in the "application data" folder in the user's profile:

"@UserProfileDir\Anwendungsdaten\Sun\Java\Deployment\deployment.properties" for this version of Windows. For each installed JAVA Version there are some lines in that file to control the required setting (only 1.6.0_04 checked), does anybody know if this is sufficent?

; if there are 3 different Java Versions installed they are "named" 0, 1, 2.

3.) The "Java Cache Viewer" presents the two ERP applications.

A right click on these, "Create links" ("Verknüpfung instalieren") is creating links in the start menu (user) and desktop (user). Who knows if it's possible to directly call the java function to install these links through autoit?

I figured out that the two links point towards files that are always in the same folders inside the java cache tree:

- @UserProfileDir\Anwendungsdaten\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\17\ and

- @UserProfileDir\Anwendungsdaten\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\52\

- size = 2.940 Byte

- no file extension

- and finally, different for every installation, a random name like this: "190f3fd1-7cf894a3"

That should be sufficent to catch the correct file name to create the links through autoit scripting.

But is there a way to directly call through autoit what that "right click" mentioned above is triggering?

Thanks for any suggestions, Rudi.

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