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Finding Default Browser - and calling it

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I have been working on a script that is working fine because I am calling IE in the script. The problem is that we have people using Firefox...I have searched these forums for a way to detect the default browser and call that but haven't found it.

Anyone have any ideas how to detect which browser is default?

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Yes... You havn't searched the forums too much if you havn't found this.

This is a snippet of a larger script by me.

$GetDefaultBrowser = RegRead("HKCR\HTTP\Shell\Open\Command", "")
$GetLastSection = StringSplit($GetDefaultBrowser, "\")
$GetProcessName = StringSplit($GetLastSection[$GetLastSection[0]], """")

$GetProcessName[1] would be the executable of the default internet browser.

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Can this be done but finding the media player instead?

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Launch default browser:


Launch default .mp3 player:

$key = RegRead("HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mp3file\shell\open\command", "")
$count = StringInStr($key, "/") - 2
$launchCmd = StringLeft($key, $count)

Launch default .mwv player and play sqVideo.wmv -


Launch default email client:


Launch default email client and fill in the To field:


Open default browser and navigate to Google:

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