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Nature of the "Instance" value

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Using the AutoIt v3 Window Info, I see the content of the Instance of an Edit control (example 12).

I should want to get this value by code (C or VB). Which is the API fonction(s) for that ? (I can know the handle of the parent window)

Thanks a lot if you can help me.


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Maybe I have not told you well, because I'm surprsised you talk to me about this article : I'm not at the level of the thread or of the global windows of the application...

I have to get and select controls whose the classname is "Edit".

They are in a form which is itself a control whose the classname is "Static".

These controls are seen by AutoIt as follows :

Class : Edit

Instance : XX

ClassNameNN : EditXX

As an example :

Class : Edit

Instance : 01

ClassNameNN : Edit01

Class : Edit

Instance : 02

ClassNameNN : Edit02

And my aim is to select each one, using the only criterium that is different betwwen them : this "Instance" or ClassNameNN value.

But I don't know which API function can do that, because I don't know which is that "Instance" object...


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Aoh ! Yes, it could be the right explanation !

And it gives me a new way to make my job : verify that the sequence is constant, and get the rank of each control in it !

Maybe it's the end of my quest ! In every way, thank you very much.

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