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_DateDiff problem

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I am at a loss here. This appears as though it should work but I get 0 for the days difference. This is only partial code, the file is closed at the end of the script. The script reads the line containing the system formatted time. For some reason the thrid section (it is a direct copy from the help files) works. The object of thisis to inform the user that a process has not been run in more than 2 days and if approaching upper limit of 30 days.

FileOpen ("C:\scripts\autoreceive.log", 1)

$curDateString = FileReadLine("C:\scripts\autoreceive.log", 1)

MsgBox(1, "Current", $curDateString)

; This one does not work

$dateDifference = _DateDiff( 'd', $curDateString, _NowCalc())

MsgBox(1, "Overdue", $dateDifference)

; This one works

$dateDifference = _DateDiff( 's', "1970/01/01 00:00:00",_NowCalc())

MsgBox( 4096, "", "Number of seconds since EPOCH: " & $dateDifference )

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$dateDifference = _DateDiff( 'd', $curDateString, _NowCalc())
Switch @ERROR
 Case 0
     MsgBox(0, "Overdue", $dateDifference)
 Case 1
     MsgBox(0, "", "Invalid $sType")
 Case 2
     MsgBox(0, "", "Invalid $sStartDate")
 Case 3
     MsgBox(0, "", "Invalid $sEndDate")

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