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Add and Extract source to/from any EXE

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Attach your source to any EXE.

Since built-in option is no longer there, I came up with this method. Not a big fan of ResHacker method, the source is just in plain text in there.

How it works:

Very simple, actually. It reads EXE then reads au3 file, then encrypt source with rijndael algorithm, attaches it to the end of EXE and re-saves EXE. That's all. To retrieve source - the steps are reversed.

How to use:

To save source to EXE -

choose EXE to attach source to, choose au3 file to attach, enter password, click Add button, choose EXE to save to, when prompted.

To extract source from EXE -

choose EXE with source in it, choose au3 file to save source to, enter password that was used when source was added to EXE, click Extract.

Tested on WIN XP SP2 with AutoIt production

So far, didn't encounter any errors. Since this section of EXE is not referenced anywhere in commands, the only problem I could see, would be with CRC and other checksums.

UPDATE: Changed GUI. Source inside EXE is now autodetected. Added progress bar.



UPDATE(August 1): There was an error. Fixed it. Now should work 100%. Also added ability to replace scripts already in exe.

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